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Safely share your identity and KYC information, and access financial services in a safe, secure and simple manner with a single click. Take the first step in regaining control of your personal information and digital identity. Download the app NOW!
01. About app

We are innovators

The Secured ID allows you to manage all your KYC information and ID documents from one convenient app and provides an intuitive interface with blockchain to share this with any banking or non-financial institution. One single source of truth for all KYC information that you only fill once and share multiple-times


STEP 1: Download the app and install in your Smartphone.

Upload ID

Step 2. You need to have your original ID document in your possession to take a picture of it from the app.

Take Selfie

Step 3. Take a selfie picture of yourself from the app.

Fill Information

Step 4. Fill up information about yourself & your identity which you will transfer to various institutions.



Paper-driven, national ID systems are outdated and unreliable in an increasingly digital world. They are scattered among governments, institutions, and companies that are all siloed from each other. Using the power of blockchain technology, cryptography, and privacy – The Secured ID is your gateway to digital identity systems of the future.
Stop filling up forms about your identity in every bank, financial institution and annual KYC renewals. Fill it once in The Secured ID and use it forever. If there is any changes, change it in the app, it would get updated everywhere.


  • Through The Secured ID Marketplace you can open a new bank account, apply for a job, school, college, or access a world of services without the headaches of paperwork and repetitive KYC.


  • Through The Secured ID, you’ll be able to use your blockchain address as a username for logging in to partnered websites, preventing your information at risk of sale, theft, or abuse.


  • Enjoy full control 24/7 over your private data and manage all of your identity information from your phoneapp. Update in one place and wherever you have shared your KYC will get updated automatically.


    The Secured ID allows you to protect your personal data from falling into the hands of malicious actors.


    Your data is yours. Currently, it belongs to any institution you register for when creating new online accounts.


    The internet is forever, and so is your personal data once it’s online. Keep your personal information safe and choose when to share it.

03. presentation

See The Secured ID video to understand the concept of this fully.
04. What is new


05. Awesome features

Just try and use always

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Did you know that your data can be purchased without your permission?

Your location, browsing history, purchase history, and financial habits can be bought by the highest bidder. Current identity management solutions can do little to protect you; they are vulnerable to data breaches and hacks. Take back the ownership of your personal data by using The Secured ID.

Do you have control over your digital identity?

When you register for a new online account, you are being forced to hand over personal data. It’s only a matter of time before those accounts become compromised and malicious actors gain access to your personal information. By using blockchain technology, Self-Sovereign Identity puts you back in control of your personal data.

06. Why our app

Just try

To use any application, visit a website, or access a device in the digital world – your first step is authentication. Who are you? Are you really who you claim to be? This is the foundation of all interactions with technology, and it’s deeply flawed when you don’t control who you are in a digital world. Your data is getting more concentrated in the hands of a few large institutions.

Awesome features
Banks and financials institutions are storing information about your browsing history, shopping habits, location data, bank statements, medical history, and much more.
Modern and creative design
With the rising threat of data breaches, security threats, and loss of privacy – your information is increasingly at risk because you do not own your identity. As your life becomes increasingly digital, the data you create forms a clear construct of who you are. Instead of storing the data on centralized servers that could be at risk for hacks or misuse, we believe there is a better way. You, the identity owner – should own and control your own information.
Regular updates
Using blockchain technology, The Secured ID provides an identity platform where you can manage all of your personal information. You’ll be able to choose what information you want to share, who gets access to it, and for how long. This will revolutionize how you interact with the online world, while protecting your information and privacy. Welcome to the future of identity: where you are in complete control. Where you are self-sovereign.
08. app screens


09. FAQ

Have any problems?

We list below some frequently asked questions

What is The Secured ID?
The Secured ID is a cutting-edge e-KYC solution delivered by Unlimited Cloud Pte Ltd, helping banking, financial sector, fintech and cross border payments companies reduce manual interference and making customer onboarding process quick and secure. Our eKYC solution is using cutting-edge technology OCR of the ID document, Artificial Intelligence to check if ID document has been altered or doctored in any manner, the selfie picture is of a real person (liveness check), check the selfie picture against the picture of the ID document for likeness check to see if it is the same person. We then check against anti-money laundering global blacklists, sanction lists and watchlist and also check against any adverse media coverage the customer might have and provide the entire report to the compliance officer within minutes. Being based on blockchain technology, we have made the entire solution secure and fast. Unlimited Cloud Pte Ltd is a member of Singapore Fintech Association and our flagship product The Secured ID is certified by Singapore Fintech Association.
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What is Unlimited Cloud?
Unlimited Cloud Pte Ltd was established in 2019 September with ACRA. Our Mission Putting YOU in the center of KYC. The goals are simple: safety and security. Our Vision Our vision is to create a secured, safe and regulatory compliant customer onboarding solution. Unlimited Cloud Pte Ltd is a member of Singapore Fintech Association and our flogship product The Secured ID is certified by Singapore Fintech Association.
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Why don't you allow pictures and files for KYC check to be uploaded from Gallery and other source?
In respect of the safety and security of KYC solution, we are using AI, ML and OCR technologies to be able to detected. While using images from gallery, there are chances of digitally doctored ID images to be available. Hence we want to see that the original document is in possession of the user along with his selfie picture where we detect the liveness and make sure that the selfie being taken is not of a screen or a picture but of a live person. This ensures higher security in our system since we say thousands of fake accounts being opened in our system in July. Imagine one person coming in as KP Sharma Oli into our system because from somewhere he had a photocopy of his identity document and was able to upload a picture of this person from social media. It would be so easy to fake his identity and create a fake account and convert all illegal and black money into white from our system. This is also against the Money Laundering Act 2063 of Nepal and also with the KYC directives of Nepal Rastra Bank. Hence we had to enforce this very safe and secure system.
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